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SXSW People’s Choice Awards

SXSW 2010 Web Awards FinalistI announced Monday on our Facebook fan page that the Clouds 365 Project is a finalist at the 13th Annual South by Southwest Web Awards, Personal Portfolio category. The award show will be in Austin, Texas on March 14th. Next to the Webby’s, this could not be a bigger deal for me.

The People’s Choice Awards are now open for voting. if you are a first time voter , you have to go through a few steps to vote, but it is a relatively easy process.

I need your help. If you are a fan of the Clouds 365 Project and feel the project is worthy, please go vote!  Lets show everyone what a great community we have! I really appreciate your support.

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  1. Michaela Otto says:

    I am continually inspired to take my camera out of its case! Thank you!

  2. Stephde says:

    Totally voted for this!!

  3. вова says:


  4. R.G.68 says:

    The Best Award, is you discover the beauty and explendor of refractals in the sky.