year-long photographic experiment shooting clouds everyday

Supercell at night last year – Olney, Texas

Love these storms at night! Can’t wait to start chasing supercells again this fall! Here is a extra image from my chase this time last year in Olney, Texas.


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  1. polly Wong polly Wong says:

    Amazing and beautiful storms , chasing this mystery clouds must be very hard.

  2. Se 've. Padre. Pero. Meda. Miedo

  3. que hermoso, me encanto!
    Muchas Gracias

  4. Mom forces me to wear the shorts even when the weather is stormy or snowy otherwise she smacks me for whole days

  5. Phil Bogan Phil Bogan says:

    When do you sleep?

  6. Kelly DeLay Kelly DeLay says:

    +Phil Bogan Ha! In between storms :) This was taken last year. I have been sharing some of my favorites from earlier this year and revisiting images like this from last fall. Glad you like them, thanks for all of the comments!

  7. Kelly your pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing!