year-long photographic experiment shooting clouds everyday

Single Lightning Strike, Hodgeman, Kansas

Beautiful lightning display from this tornado warned supercell outside of Hodgeman, Kansas earlier this year on May 13, 2013. This strike seemed to move in slow motion, striking the ground and returning to the clouds and forking out again. Amazing to watch! One of my favorites from my Clouds 365 Project.

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  1. issam nadiri issam nadiri says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nice tofe

  2. Wish I could see the Exif data on this one. I'd love to have some baseline settings to go off of when hunting this kind of thing

  3. Kelly DeLay Kelly DeLay says:

    +Matthew DeVries Sorry about the EXIF info. Uploaded a PNG, stripped all of the data. Here is some of the info from memory

    Canon 5D Mark III – Canon USM 16-35mm (used  @24mm for this). ISO 400, f/8 BULB mode hand holding a remote timer, holding down for max 3 seconds for twilight light conditions, I would release when I captured a flash. Once you get your base exposure, you just have to be patient!

  4. Thanks +Kelly DeLay I just ordered a remote trigger, mostly for selfies, but this could another use.

  5. Debi Shwedas Debi Shwedas says:

    What a wonderful photo…fabulous!!!

  6. Terry Reeder Terry Reeder says:

    that's aqreat photo!"

  7. Dor Hd Dor Hd says:

    oooooooh nice

  8. iki koyun tos yapıyor sanki…

  9. been trying to get a picture for a years, nice job…

  10. Anna Lloyd Anna Lloyd says:

    its a powerful connection tap tap into it

  11. Très beau! Magnifique photo.

  12. Abigail Ruby Abigail Ruby says:

    man I have tried soooo many times to get a picture like that

  13. very nice … amazing!

  14. Subhanallah,,,,,,,, amazing.

  15. 陈小墙 陈小墙 says: