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Revisiting: Supercell over Melon Mesa in Capulin, NM

Revisiting images from earlier this year and adding to my my “favorites” portfolio. Captured this beautiful supercell over Melon Mesa in Capulin, NM, across the highway from Capilin Volcano Monument earlier this year. I love this area so much.


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  1. Very good weather Mr Kell5

  2. Wonderful image +Kelly DeLay, what a show, thank you! :)

  3. Jose A. Jose A. says:

    Enthralling image

  4. Bonita imagen. Saludos Kelly

  5. I love New Mexico, but I would have to be a millionaire for the car upkeep it takes to make it there.

  6. Excepcional fotografía.  Es un contraste entre la tormenta y la calma.

  7. Tu eres deverdad un profecional fotografique adelante

  8. Harry Flower Harry Flower says:

    so nice looking;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;