year-long photographic experiment shooting clouds everyday

Panoramic Supercell

Chased this LP supercell on April 1st this week. Found this fantastic view just outside of Throckmorton, TX. This storm was tornado warned and reportedly produced up to tennis ball sized hail. This panoramic image is 16 frames stitched together with PTGui Pro. Finished with +Nik Photography  tools and +Adobe PhotoshopClick to enlarge!

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  1. Amazing how big they can get.  Great shot!

  2. Wow.wooooow,amazing

  3. What the what?!  Fantastic, +Kelly DeLay !

  4. Ram T Ram T says:

    Curious to see ur pics from today.

  5. Very nice post Kelly have a great evening

  6. Wow +Kelly DeLay you always outdo yourself :-) Awesome!

  7. Excellent shot Kelly!  I'm getting excited for the storms to start brewing here in the midwest.  Have a great weekend.