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5-24-11 – Extra Lightning Images

Another strong storm moved in to the Frisco / North Texas area last night around 8:30pm CT. It was quite scary for a while because if the tornado sirens going off and the ominous presence of the storm. I hope everyone is OK!! Once it had passed, lightning was still flashing every few seconds, so I decided to go out and capture it again.

Using bulb mode on my Canon 5D Mark II and a remote trigger, I set my Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II lens to f/7 iso 100. In bulb mode you hold down the trigger for as long as you like and that leaves the shutter open until you let go. With the lightning flashing often and with various intensity, this is the best way. I used the strategy of holding the trigger for 4 seconds and move on. If lightning flashed early I let go. I captured 27 images with lightning in it. I would have got more, but it was getting to close.

Here are 16 extra images, un-edited, so you can see the various colors, exposure and of course the lightning. Hope you like! CLICK THUMBNAILS TO ENLARGE

Storm, Rainbows, Mammatus Clouds and Sunset

Below are 10 extra images from Friday, 5-20-11. Incredible weather day!

Incoming storm | Frisco, TX | 5-20-11

I started tracking a incoming front using my handy iPhone app, Radar Scope around 3pm. I set my camera up in a field with a clear view and watched the shelf cloud forming above. Here is the image that I posted. 2 extras from the storm coming in are below. It went on to rain about 3-4″ in a matter of 20 mins with strong winds and a little hail. It continued to rain and stayed overcast until 7:30pm. Like the storm that hit us on 5-11-11, it cleared up at sunset producing a rainbow and a glorious sunset.

I originally went out to try to photograph lightning. After several attempts and feeling like it was a little to close and getting dangerous, I started to drive home. On the way back the sun started to come out and then I noticed a double rainbow off to the east. I even witnessed lightning that looked like it was coming from the rainbow!  When I was shooting the rainbow, I looked behind me and mammatus clouds started to appear. They lasted about 30 mins, all the way through sunset. I was so excited to get one of my favorites that night – 5-20-11- Part 3 – Mammatus Clouds at Sunset.

Below are 10 extra images. I hope you enjoy! let me know what you think :)


Sunset After Storm in Frisco – 5-11-11

Yesterday was a very special day for cloud photography in Frisco, Texas. I took over a hundred images. Posted 3 on the Clouds 365 Project site. Around 3pm, a huge storm hit. I barely had a chance to go outside and get a shot of the cumulonimbus with mammatus clouds above, here it is: 5-11-11

It continued to rain the rest of the afternoon until about 7pm. Looking outside, I noticed mammatus clouds again from the tail end of the front. The sun started to peek out slightly, giving a eerie glow. I rushed out to one of my favorite areas to set up for sunset. Wow! Within minutes the sun had completely come out to reveal a full rainbow- posted this one: Then one of the brightest orange sky I have ever seen. Gave me chills! Looking at my shots after I took a few, I thought there was something wrong with my camera because it looked sepia. Here was the final one I posted: -  At the same time, I was getting emails and text messages from friends and family making sure I was seeing this. It really was a amazing experience. This is why I do this project.

Here are 6 extra images in order from when I arrived at my spot  from 7:30pm to 8:15pm CT – Hope you enjoy them.