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Clouds 365 Community – We are turning 1!

It is hard to believe the Clouds 365 Community will be 1 year old on March 1st! I do believe a celebration is in order! (more on that below)

A brief history on how we arrived at this point. In July 2009, I started the Clouds 365 Project and the Clouds 365 Facebook fan page to share the links to my daily images. To my amazement, after a week of posting links on Facebook, there were 4000+ “fans” (now “likes) and they had posted 500 images of clouds the first week to the page. In 5 months we had hit the maximum amount of images for a fan page, 20,000 images! It was obvious, there were a lot of cloud lovers in the world that were pleased with the idea of sharing their own cloud images with me. I was very happy to share my passion and Facebook page :) However, we needed a place to expand that was away from Facebook limits and control. On March, 1 2010, the Clouds 365 Community was officially launched. When you post with the Community, the link to your image posts to Facebook automatically avoiding the limits! I feel very lucky to share this with all of you. I love your enthusiasm for clouds, it is just amazing!

Here are some interesting facts for the 1st year of the Clouds 365 Community:

  • 35,311 images of clouds
  • 6,911 registered users from 55 countries/territories (all have posted at least one cloud image)
  • Over 1 Million page views for the year!

Future of the Clouds 365 Community

I have been working on a new site for the Community for a while now. The site will have the ability to manage images (re-size, delete, etc…), have internal communications with other Community members (similar to Facebook and Twitter), discussion groups that you will be able to establish / moderate without me and just better overall site organization. I am developing this on my own at the moment, so it is taking longer than I would like. Should be soon, I will keep you informed. (If you know any WordPress developers, let me know!)

Photo Assignment!

I think it would be great if all of us could post 1 “birthday” themed cloud image at 3pm local time on March 1, 2011. Please post if there are no clouds or if it is grey, be creative! Hold up candles, a sign that says happy birthday, or turning 1. Clouds still should be the focus, but I am sure you can find a way to make it your own :) Please post your location. I want the skies at the exact time, where ever you are!

March Giveaway

I am going to give away 2 36×24 signed AP (artist proofs) digital prints from Year 1 of my Clouds 365 Project. Printed with archival inks on photographic paper to achieve extra fine detail and rich vibrant colors. The print will be rolled and shipped in a protective tube.

To enter, join the Clouds 365 Newsletter. I will be emailing the winners names in March

Again, I am so proud to be a part of the Clouds 365 Community. Congratulations!

- Kelly