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Thanksgiving Week – Disney World and Clearwater, FL

Spent a amazing week with my family at Disney World in Florida for Thanksgiving. We took a break and drove to Clearwater Beach to see a friend. It was a easy 1 and a half hour drive. It has taken me 2 days to go through the 3000+ images that were taken of family and clouds. Most everyday, the clouds in Florida were amazing. If you have not had a chance to see the images posted during this week on the my project site, check out: – The most difficult part of the trip was getting back to the hotel in time to post a image before midnight everyday! :)

Here are 10 extra images from our Florida trip to Disney World and Clearwater Beach, I hope you enjoy them. Let me know what you think!

Thanksgiving Week Crowds – After posing this, a lot of people have contacted me to ask about crowds. This was our first trip as a family to the park, so I don’t really have a good comparison for the rest of the year. It was busy. We were a hour early to everything to get our spot, you had too. We learned quickly to get fast passes to rides, so we could walk right in a couple of hours later. We stood in lots of lines and waded through a sea of strollers. The biggest mistake we made was not having a reservation to a restaurant when we visited Epcot’s World Showcase. Luckily, Japan fit us in :)

Now for the positive. It was a magical time to be there. Disney World was already decorated for Christmas, and it felt like it. Did not take long to get into the spirit. They lit the castle with millions of twinkle lights at dusk, which still give me goose bumps thinking about it. Our kids had a blast. It was the PERFECT first time. I would definitely go again on Thanksgiving!

Support the Clouds 365 Project and Community

When I first started the Clouds 365 Project,  in July 2009, I started on these principles; Art, Learning, Determination, Process, Pattern & Obsession (read more from the about section). Over time, some things have changed . In November 2009, I added Community to the list because of the overwhelming support on the Clouds 365 Facebook fan page, (101,500 strong!) and all of the wonderful images being shared with me on a daily basis, I created a space for your images to be shared apart from Facebook ( to encourage and grow the community of other clouds enthusiast.

In the definition of “ART,” I explained, “After years of neglecting my creative drive in favor of business and management, making this commitment to art is a welcome chance to turn back to something I love.” After a year and four months of photographing clouds everyday, I can say I truly do love this project. I have found my calling. It is not every day someone is lucky enough to be able to say that. Being a web marketer, developer, and content developer, this project allows me to do all that I love and more.

I no longer have a corporate job. For now, I can focus on the Clouds 365 Project and Community. I am not sure how long it will be until I have to go back to corporate America. I have to find out if clouds can be my job! I want to travel to state parks, monuments and beautiful new locations to photograph clouds and share them with the world.

The Plan

To fund future project and community site improvements, community website overhaul, applications, travel and other plans, I plan on selling my work. Here is what is happening so far:

I have signed an exclusive deal with Really Big Canvas – ( a Canvas Press company, out of Austin, TX to print and distribute limited edition canvas prints and digital prints. I am initially releasing 15 images from Year 1 with more to be released in November and December. More about the prints very soon.

Also, Clouds 365 Project is an exclusive artist with Uncommon Cases to sell my images on iPhone and touch cases. I am very excited about this partnership, the cases are very cool. Check out what has been released so far on the  Uncommon Clouds 365 Project artist page

Other ideas and projects in development:

The Clouds 365 Book – Year 1
iPad / iPhone Backgrounds, set of 10
Landscape / Clouds photography tutorials
Post Cards

You may have noticed the lack of advertising on the websites. This is deliberate. There are very few companies, services, etc. that I would sell space to. I have been approached, but I have not found the right partner yet. If I do sell advertising, it will be very limited.  I want the user experience on and to always be a positive one.


I am working on a donation / pledge program designed to help the Clouds 365 Project and Community. If you donate, you will receive something in return for your generosity. For example, if you pledge $10 or more, your name will be added on the Clouds 365 sponsor page as a thank you. For higher pledge levels, there will be signed post cards, desktop / iPad backgrounds and limited edition digital and canvas prints (from Really Big Canvas). Besides supporting Clouds 365, your funding will help pay for servers, development, etc… Thank you to all who have donated so far! Details coming very soon.

As we did in Year 1, I will continue to contribute proceeds from donations to Smile Train and Donors Choose at the end of Year 2.

I am really excited about the future of the Clouds 365 Project and Community. Let me know if you have any other ideas or questions.

Thank you for reading!