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More Lightning – 9-11-10

Received a text from one of my friends last night telling me to “go outside and look south at the storm coming, there is lightning” Sure enough, there was a huge cumulonimbus cloud towering close to us in Frisco, TX with lightning about every 10 seconds. I set up my Canon 5D Mark II with these settings – f2.8, ISO 100, on bulb mode using a remote trigger. I was sure to focus on infinity. I used these settings because the lightning was bright. Bulb mode allows me to physically hold the shutter open until I see a lightning flash, then I let go, hopefully getting the shot. I took about 30 images. Posted my favorite last night - 9-11-10-Part 2. Looking through them again today, I thought I should post this sequence. The lightning shot going upward is my favorite! CLICK TO ENLARGE!

More From Enchanted Rock – 9-05-10

This past weekend, (Labor Day, US) my family and I decided to go to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, in between Llano and Fredericksburg, TX to go hiking. This really was exciting  because of the possibilities to get a good cloud shot for the day. The clouds and the scenery did not disappoint!

It was difficult to choose the cloud image for the day (9-05-10) because I had narrowed it down to 9.. yes 9!, good thing my wife helped me or I would have never chose! How did I choose? There were other images I liked a little better for one reason or another, but in the end it always has to be about the clouds.

The images below were great candidates. I am glad to share with you 8 extra images from that amazing day. Hopefully you will get how magical Enchanted Rock is and what a great cloud day we had! Let me know what you think. CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE

Extra Images – 8-18 to 9-01

At the end of every month, I go through my images and organize them, and keywords and pick selects I may want to use in the future… say for a book :) Here are a few images from the last couple of weeks that I like, but did not use on the main site. Hope you like them!