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Announcing Clouds 365 Project – YEAR 2!

After much discussion with my friends and family, it is my pleasure to announce that I am going to continue photographing clouds everyday for another 365 days!  - Clouds 365 Project – Year 2

What an amazing journey. Honestly, I could not walk away from this if I tried! When I started this project almost a year ago, I dedicated the Clouds 365 project to Art, Learning, Determination, Process, Pattern and Obsession. (Check out the About page to learn more.) In year 2, the project is also dedicated to Community—because I could not have done this without YOU.  Over the year, I have met some wonderful people from all over the world. The support and the feedback you give me everyday, without fail, is humbling. I can’t thank you enough. You made me be my best every day!

Year 1 of Clouds 365 Project will end a week from today. We’ll celebrate it together for a day, but then I turn around and start YEAR 2 on July 1st!

The future is very bright for the Clouds 365 Community as well. In honor of the important role all of you play in the project, we will launch a new Community site soon—a site that will helps us grow. You will be able to edit your own profile, password, images, etc.  The site will include groups, internal communication and tutorials so we can get to know one another better while we expand our knowledge of clouds and how to document them.

Special thanks to my wife Stephanie and my girls for their help though this year and encouragement to continue this wonderful project.  Thanks to my friends Manny, Misty, Justin, Nicco and Laurie.  You are always there for me :)

Watch for more information in the coming days on future plans for the Clouds 365 project.  I’ll also be sharing some insights from the past year as I look back at what I have learned so far.

Thanks again to all of you cloud lovers. See you for another year!

- Kelly DeLay

Vegas to the Grand Canyon and Back

Recently, my wife and I were in Las Vegas. We decided, after much debate to book a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon for our own enjoyment and to hopefully get a cloud shot for the day. Those of you who follow the project know that I did – – What a day and experience that was. Perfect weather, perfect clouds and SO happy that I “got the shot”, probably the best one of the entire year!

After going through the hundreds of photographs, I decided to post 8 additional images I liked the best starting and ending in Las Vegas. I hope you enjoy these. I loved capturing them!