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Clouds 365 Community – Tutorial

I get lots of support email and comments regarding the Clouds 365 Community site. I decided to do a quick screen-cast tutorial (7 mins), where I will show you the basics of the Community Website. This video will show you how to create a account, upload images, map, share functions, just to name a few. I know some of you are pro’s at it, others need a little guidance. I hope this answers all of your questions. If not, I will add on to this post.

3-24-10 – Extra Storm Images

Driving up the Dallas North Tollway on my way home for the night, I noticed a wall cloud starting to build off in the distance. As I got closer to the storm, I knew I had to get off and pick a spot because I had to get the shot! It had started to rain, there was lightning everywhere. It was spooky for sure. I managed to take 30-40 images, all different exposures. I was praying I got something because I could not look at the preview. I was really happy when I started going through these. It was hard to choose. I posted this one (3-24-10-part-2). I had 5 selects that I liked. I had to share the other 4 images I did not post.

Clouds 365 Wins SXSW Interactive Web Award

AwardThe Clouds 365 Project won the SXSW Interactive web award in the Personal Portfolio category Sunday night.  The trophies are way cool!, called Thingamagoop 2. They were created by Bleep Labs ( I was very excited when they called our name, so the walk to the stage was a bit surreal that is for sure. I have a few people to thank for making this possible – Manny (WordPress theme developer / programmer for Project and Community sites), Justin (iPhone App developer and Community website programming), Misty (Brilliant writing when I need it!) my wife Stephanie (Editor, Pro Photographer, Consultation and letting me do this!), the awesome Facebook Fan Page (51,000 and growing) and my friends Nicco and everyone else at EchoDitto (you know who you are) and Laurie (constant advice and encouragement) without them I would not be doing this project.

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that we did not win the people’s choice. The Facebook group voted everyday, the group is amazing, Thank You!!

It was nice to receive validation from my peers. I strive to do better everyday because of them. Thank you so much!

Here is the video from the other night. It was shot with a Flip HD, so it is a little wobbly. I am glad Stephanie got the footage however.

Here are the press links where the Clouds 365 Project is mentioned for winning personal portfolio: