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Good shooting day


This shot was my 3rd candidate for yesterday. I like the micro burst in the distance and the new Dallas Cowboy’s billion dollar Stadium lower left. Loved this shot, but I thought the other 2 images were stronger. What do you think? Did I make the right choice? Here are the image I posted yesterday: 9-24-09 or 9-24-09-part-2

Another 9-09-09


Most days there is a clear cut best image of the day. I never really know until I get into the selects for the day and edit them. 4 times so far I have had a hard choice and I could not make up my mind. In those cases I bring in the pro… my wife, the photographer. She liked today’s image, due to the complexity and color. She also thought it was more interesting. Thought I would post today’s alternative and let you be the judge.