Clouds 365 Project

Photographic experiment shooting clouds everyday for 1825 days.
by weather and environmental photographer Kelly DeLay



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12 Responses to “8-16-10”

  1. Marianne Davis says:


  2. isasfallingstar says:

    So that’s the scientific term for these stunning rays … “crepuscular” rays … I always wondered if these had a special name … Now I know : ) Thanks!!! … and this one to frame, Kelly. Simply divine …

    • Kelly DeLay says:

      Thanks everyone for your comments!

      Isabelle – I try to expand my vocabulary :) glad you like it. Hope you are well

      Naomi – thanks! Can’t believe I am in year 2 as well :)

  3. Naomi Gustafson says:

    thanks for naming this phenomenon….rays …never knew the name for this!
    Love all your photos…. can’t believe you are on year 2 already!
    I’m a big fan!! Thanks for all your glorious work.

  4. Love this one–positively breath taking.

  5. suman mamgain says:

    beautiful pic. love this a lot.

  6. Guillaume LEPETIT says:

    Magnifique !!!

  7. Guillaume LEPETIT says:

    In France, we call this phenomenon “gloires” (literaly “glories”), it refers to the religious aspect of the sky…these lights which come from Paradise !

  8. rachmado says:


  9. yustinus says:

    it’s unbelievable!

  10. YS says:

    Breathtaking !! Amazing project really, I’ve had a cloud photography obsession for ages & I think I’ve found My Heaven in here!

  11. Ana says:

    I’ve been watching your clouds for a while. This is a good one!

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