Clouds 365 Project

Photographic experiment shooting clouds everyday for 1825 days.
by weather and environmental photographer Kelly DeLay

6-25-10- Part 2


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17 Responses to “6-25-10- Part 2”

  1. letha says:

    i love to take pix of the moon, but my digital camera just doesn’t get it that crisp. that is a very cool pic.

  2. Karen says:

    Very nice!

  3. this is a very cool pic, love it. love the clouds in the front of the moon

  4. Jean-Michel says:

    Well done !
    Difficult exposure… Manual adj ?

  5. Lorin Boyack says:

    Great shot Kelly, I had some similar cloud cover in COS but poor photo results with my Nikon D90, I think it might have something to do with the exposure metering, but need to RTM. Just can’t get a clear disk (of the moon), gets washed out in the clouds, oh well, I’ll keep working at it, rather hazy as well as the clouds, too.

  6. Liz Douglas says:

    I love it. I tried to take some, but the clouds were moving too fast and the didn’t turn out as nice

  7. m dawn mck says:

    Most digitals seem to be configured to even out the tones, so it`s hard to get good sharp contrast. Force to shoot too fast and all you get is the white moon on black, with no nuances. Slower shutter means brightness leaks over. Tricky. This is very nice.

  8. Myriam says:

    Bellísima luna vemos también estas noches aquí en San Martín de los Andes….
    Prece que el cambio de luna se llevó las tormentas y tenemos desde ayer hermosos días, con cielo despejado y muy celeste….. Frío, mucho frío.

  9. Edward Ragosta says:

    I absolutely love this pic. I have spent many nights trying to get this type of shot!

  10. This is a great photographic picture. It conveys to me that the moon and the clouds have a darker side just like people and that it is continuously shifting just like humans and there moods. Your camera really caught the image of rolling change. Lightness into the dark. The full moon is great. Magnificent job.

  11. zane aveton says:

    Beautiful. I have to tell you that everyone was WACKO that night into the wee hours of the morning. I was in NYC. Even the taxi drivers looked oddly [scared] overwhelmed… :)


  12. natasha says:

    beutiful picture!
    and it was taken on my birthday :-)

  13. tiziana says:

    A great photo! very nice, very evocative, very effective… WONDERFUL, just so :) Thank you for this shared emotion!

  14. jhonattan says:

    e Ana hello..fala tebi ..da jesan romanticna dusa..:)))

  15. Odessa says:

    my barn having burnt, I can now see the moon

  16. Jenny says:

    Beautiful! I feel like a werewolf should be popping up any second now :)

  17. toots says:

    very beautiful photo!!

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