Clouds 365 Project

Photographic experiment shooting clouds everyday for 1825 days.
by weather and environmental photographer Kelly DeLay



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16 Responses to “6-18-11”

  1. Pj bell says:

    Utterly fantastic!

  2. The power of the sky is incredible. You capture it beautifully.

  3. Tracy says:

    Can I buy a copy of this? Its STUNNING!!

    • Kelly DeLay says:

      Thanks Tracy. Why sure :) I am leaving town again tomorrow for vacation. email me – kelly(at) and let me know what size you are interested in. I will get back to you next week

  4. pete thompson says:

    I like this a lot!!!! Bring some of that with you when you come through NM but leave the muggy high temps behind.

    • Kelly DeLay says:

      Thanks Pete. It was like a sauna today, unreal. The heat index was over 110Ëš, have never felt anything like it before here. Hope it leaves you soon as well!

  5. Jan Sarah says:

    Wow, cool!

  6. Vickie says:

    Love this one! ♥

  7. Hulda says:

    wow. love this!

  8. Robin Walker says:

    Wow – that’s waaaay cool! I saw that last night myself.



  10. cori says:

    love it, a powerful image, electricity in the air

  11. Ellen says:

    Really showcases the intensity & drama of a storm. Thank you for jumping out in the middle of it all.

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