Clouds 365 Project

Photographic experiment shooting clouds everyday for 1825 days.
by weather and environmental photographer Kelly DeLay



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6 Responses to “1-06-11”

  1. Lorin Boyack says:

    Very nice evening highlights, Kelly. I can’t get the spell-checker to find the word I want, nice “silouets” of the landscape at the horizon. LB:

  2. Steve Quinn says:

    Another Awesome Photo! … I may have to move to Texas.

  3. Karen says:

    Love this sunset!

  4. Kelly DeLay says:

    Thank you!

    Steve, I think you would like MA better in the summer :)

  5. Steve Quinn says:

    Thanks Kelly, I
    have been to Dallas in the summer. Surprisingly, it’s about the same when we have a tropical heat wave up here! Hot!, but I will take it, I would like a bit now.

  6. Lois says:

    Hi Lorin. I also love the silhouettes, so I’ve looked that
    word up a time or two. :) It’s the placement of the “h” I usually
    have trouble with.

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